Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

The night before Halloween is when our family carves pumpkins. We let Austin pick out a face or design he wanted on his pumpkin...maybe next year we'll let him draw what he wants but he still scribbles right now, so that won't work! So, he looked at the carving book that we have and picked out a "spooky face." Daddy picked out a wolf howling for his pumpkin and then we got started.
Austin wasn't too sure about actually touching the insides of the pumpkin. He kept saying "ewww" and that it was "yucky." Eventually, he used this scraper tool that came with last years carving kit. He still wasn't into it though.
After a while, when Daddy was cleaning out his pumpkin, Austin decided that he might as well just do it. So, I did get a couple of pictures of him elbow-deep in the pumpkin!

This is the end product....we're pretty proud of our designs and our carving abilities! And Austin absolutely LOVES them both!
Daddy and Austin with their creations.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Bellows Fun

We had a great time at Bellows. Brian got to play more at the beach and actually got to use his Body Board or whatever you call it. Here he is catching a wave with it....
Then, he and Austin played a little football....
Austin's tackle....
Throwing sand....not sure where that comes into play in fooball...
And then we are just being silly by walking on Daddy's back!

Bellows Beach

Austin decided he wanted to climb in a cool tree when we got to the beach....made for some great pictures. He's such a ham sometimes!

This is Cait. Cait is Austin's babysitter who we think he has a crush on. He talks about her all the time! Here he is listening to her music on her iPod.

Luau Sunsets

Brian and I went to Paradise Cove Luau this weekend as well. Unfortunately, the camera started running out of batteries and we didn't get any pictures of the show. It's ok though, they never show up as well in really have to see one in person!

Here are some sunset pictures though....

And a picture of my new tattoo....just kidding, it's was done with a grease pencil type thing. Pretty though!

More from Anna's game...

Nope, not of the actual game!!! But of the sideline action!
Some may wonder why I'm not in any pictures...well, it's because I am always the one behind the camera getting these great father/son moments! I figured there hasn't been these kinds of moments since February, so you all can just wait to see pictures of me! THEN, we have silly cousin moments....don't you just love the faces? We are sad to think that the other Steele family will be leaving soon....I'm not sure what Austin will think of his cousins being so far away!!!
Copy always!

Fighting Evil

So, what do little boys do when they find a stick??? They turn it into a weapon!!! Austin played with a couple of little kids at Anna's game after the pumpkin patch. They decided they were warriors of some sort and were using their sticks as swords. Yes, poking eyes out crossed my mind, but what can you do??? They'll learn, right? :-)

Who's next???

Pumpkin Patch part 2

So, the rides were the typical travelling carnival rides...paint peeling or fading, but Austin didn't care, he wanted to ride! So, Daddy bought a wrist band for unlimited rides.
Austin's first ride was this had either fish or elephants to ride in (not sure why those two animals, but oh well!). He LOVED it! The guy running it talked him into going on the "choo choo" so we went to see if he would ride it.
This is the "choo choo" that he wanted to ride....yes, a kiddie roller coaster for those under 48 inches. He was all happy getting on, then it started and this picture if from the first time around. Each time I snapped a picture, he looked more and more scared. The last time, he was crying and reaching for me when he saw me. I think it was too jerky for him...we'll see how he is at Disney World! Oh, he didn't want to ride the "choo choo" again.
After the "choo choo" aka roller coaster, we rode the fish/elephant ride again, then came over to the petting "zoo" to see if the horses were ready to ride. They weren't so we spent our last dollars on entrance to the petting zoo. There was a 3 day old piglet in there, and a couple of rabbits, chikens, goats, and sheep. Austin really liked the rabbits.

After riding the elephant/fish ride YET AGAIN, Austin decided he wanted to try out the swings. So, Daddy went in there, buckled him in and then we waited FOREVER before they had the rest of the passengers buckled in to start the ride. He had fun on the swings, so we are good to go there at Disney World!

The last ride he wanted to go on was the pinapple ride. Basically it was like one of those teacup rides where you spin the middle wheel and you go around faster. There was one other rider on this ride when he got on and he tried to copy the other boy and turn the wheel. He had fun and when Brian went to unbuckle him from the pineapple, Austin said, "that was fun!"
Overall, the pumpkin patch was a hit! He talked about going back even as we were leaving! Guess we'll go again next year if we're still here!

Pumpkin Patch part 1

Did you know that Hawaii has a Pumpkin Patch? Yep, ONE! As least one that we know of! They are open to the public the two weekends before Halloween (the other days of Oct they have field trips for school children and daycares, etc).
So, we went this weekend to let Austin have some fun. He had a blast picking out his very own pumpkin and then he got to ride the carnival rides they had there. He wanted to ride the horses, but they weren't set up by the time we had to leave! Maybe next year!
Anyway, we had a good pumpkin patch experience and he has been asking to go back ever since. Seriously, everyday he asks to go...either there or Chuck E Cheese! :-)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Army Boots

Daddy took these pictures when Austin decided to wear his boots. Don't mind the mess in the background, please!!! :-)

Pumpking Painting

Austin got a small pumpkin to paint and had a he wants to paint EVERY pumpkin!!!
Do you see the concentration on his face??? It's hard work to get a pumpkin painted JUST RIGHT!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kaena Point

We went 4-wheelin at Kaena Point and then went to the beach that you can only get to with 4 wheel drive as well. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again when Brian gets the lift put on his Jeep!

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Bike

After Daddy got home, he went out and bought Austin a two wheeler bike! Austin has been pedaling for a while now, so a two wheeler seemed to just be the next type of bike he needed. He LOVES it, but the old helmet he has is obviously too small for his bigger-than-normal head! We'll have to go get him a new one!