Monday, November 10, 2008

Back on the Mainland at last!

We're HERE!!!
The Steele Family has arrived back on the mainland! We flew out on Friday night with Austin, 2 dogs and a cat! Our older dog, Abby, is a BIT overweight right now and BARELY made the 100 pound weight limit inside her kennel (she's 80, her kennel is 20 pounds), but she did, so we were clear to fly everyone home on the same flight! (Yes, we know she needs to lose weight...and she is, but it takes time and soon she'll be back where she needs to be!)
Anyway, we got to Little Rock around 9am on Saturday and we were EXHAUSTED!!! Austin slept a little on the plane...but being as tall as he is, didn't sleep very well. Brian and I didn't sleep much, if at all. If you can avoid a 7 hour flight when you are 29 weeks pregnant, please do's not comfortable!
Brian and I still had enough energy to go to Petsmart for some supplies and make a trip to the car dealership where we didn't really find much. (Anyone know of a great deal on a car or minivan that we'd like???) After getting back, we basically just rested and visited with Brian's parents.
Sunday, we got up, got ready, and headed to Northwest Arkansas to get the keys to our new home. We saw a house for rent on Craigslist and have had it checked out by Bill and Mary and the Skarda's to see if it was 1. legit! and 2. as good as it seemed online. After many e-mails, pictures, etc, we signed lease papers and are now in the house! We LOVE it....and will get pictures of it up soon.
Wal-Mart really likes us after the trip we made last night...and I think we'll be spreading the wealth all around the area since so many things were ruined or just plain gross after living in Hawaii for 3 years!
We will be in Springdale until Friday (our cable and internet is being hooked up that day) and then we'll be heading back to Little Rock for the weekend, then up to Missouri next week.