Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Colten Tyler Steele

Colten Tyler was born on Jan 27th at 7:56am. He was 8lbs 11oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He has a head of beautiful hair (which was a surprise since Austin was bald).

Austin is completely in love with his brother and can't wait for us to come home. We are supposed to be discharged tomorrow (Thursday).

Here are some pictures:
Last preggo the hotel room that we stayed in because of the ice storm.

Brand New Baby

Visiting Mommy

The big brother giving Colten some presents.

Yaya and Bobo...they made it up here before the ice hit.

Big Brother giving Little Brother a kiss.

Proud Big Brother

A thumb sucker already...

Cuddled up.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Please pray...

Our area is supposed to get hit with a big ice storm later today, into tomorrow and finally ending on Wednesday.

Please pray that it isn't as bad as they are predicting (maybe it will be just snow instead?) and that we make it to the hospital in the morning safely for Colten's birth.

Oh, and pray for Brian's parents....they drove up here and will be with Austin while we are gone. They may have a 3 year old on their hands, two dogs and no electricity (yes, they are predicting that the ice will be bad enough to knock out power lines). I think I'm worrying more over the home situation than I am getting to the hospital. LOL. I know how energetic my son can be and when you take away the fun of TV for days at a time...well, it can be disastrous!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ready or Not...

Colten's on borrowed time now. If he doesn't decide to come on his own this weekend or Monday, he will be "evicted" on Tuesday. We have a scheduled c-section at 7:30am on the 27th (ironically, the same date we had for Austin's due date back in 2005!).
Many of you know that I have wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) basically since Austin was born. I truly believe that a VBAC is better for mom and baby when there are no additional risk factors (ie. classical incision, induction meds used, etc). The decision to schedule a c-section on Tuesday was a very hard one, but one that Brian and I both thought was best since I will be one day short of 42 weeks. (I know many of you think I will be nearing 41 weeks, but the actual due date has been Jan 14th, not the 21st). Risks to the baby increase more after 42 weeks and we just felt more comfortable making sure he was ok than to go further and see if he comes on his own.
Why not induce first? That's simple. Induction increases my risk of uterine is also against hospital policy to offer VBACs anyway, so while they can't make me have a c-section, they won't willingly induce a VBAC patient.
Like I said, this decision was very hard...especially for me, since I have had a natural birth planned for so long. I'm actually still holding out for Colten to stop being stubborn and come on his own. However, if we get to Tuesday, I am viewing the c-section as a necessary evil. It's not something I want, but it's something that has to happen anyway.
We are very happy to know that his birth will be soon. No matter how he comes into this world, he is a blessing that we can't wait to hold and love!

Random pictures taken this month

January has been a slow month as far as pictures fact, I just downloaded all the pictures off my camera onto the computer and I had a total of 27 pictures on there! That is the fewest I have taken EVER! We haven't been doing much and I guess that's why.
We have had a few days of nicer weather this month and love the park near our house with two playgrounds and walking trails. The dogs love coming with us and getting some energy out and we just go and have a little fun. Here are a couple of Austin and Daddy on the swings.

I have a feeling that my son will be a video game "junkie" like his Daddy....

When Austin was born, I was given a HUGE bear at the hospital from Austin's Papa and Nana. He has since claimed that it's his and recently wanted to get it out and snuggle with it in the living room. He's usually scared of it at night, so it lives in the closet normally. Well, at naptime one day, he wanted it in his bed and this is how I found him sleeping. (Sleeping has been a rarity lately...wish they NEVER gave up their naps!)

We have a book called "Baby on the Way" and Austin loves to read it at night. It's a great book that tries to explain how Mommy feels when they have a baby in their tummy and at one point it describes how a Mommy might want to make a cozy nest just like when kids make a fort out of blankets on a rainy day. Well, Austin wanted to make a fort like in the book, so we did. He loved watching TV from inside his did Koa!

I'm sure I will recover from my lack of pictures when Colten is born....and will post those as soon as I can when he's born! Until then, I hope these will do!

Saturday, January 17, 2009 baby yet!

So far, Colten doesn't seem anxious to arrive anytime soon! However, we still have until Wednesday for me to be officially "due." We aren't really expecting him to come before then...but who knows! Stranger things have happened!
I feel great...other than a few minor late-in-pregnancy-complaints, but I can't really complain too much! I really do wish I had an easier time putting my socks and shoes on though!
Austin is SO ready for his brother to get here. We'll see how he feels after a few weeks though. He's so used to being the only child...and I'm really trying to prepare him. We talk a lot about how babies cry and how Mommy will be holding Colten a lot, but that he'll get to hold Colten too. He's funny though...he has said this comment a couple of times: "I won't yell at my baby brother...well, only if he tries to take my toys."
Austin and I were at the library on Tuesday for storytime and a woman asked when I was due. I told her the 21st and she said, "Why aren't you in bed???" I just kind of smiled and said that it's a little hard with a 3 year old....the second pregnancy is a LOT different than the first one!
So, we'll see how much longer it takes for this little one to decide he's ready to face the real world. Anyone have any guesses???

Monday, January 5, 2009

The biggest question these days....

Is the baby here???
Nope, no baby yet. We are getting anxious though....we are so ready for him to make his appearance! I know that we could possibly have a few more weeks of waiting though, since Austin didn't decide to come until 10 whole days after his "due date." We are hoping Colten has better sense and decides to come soon!
Right now, Brian's brother, John, is here visiting this week since he has a few days off...I am hoping things happen while he's here since we won't have to worry about what to do with Austin during the labor and delivery! :-)
No matter when it happens, we'll let everyone know and post pictures as soon as possible.