Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random pictures taken this month

January has been a slow month as far as pictures fact, I just downloaded all the pictures off my camera onto the computer and I had a total of 27 pictures on there! That is the fewest I have taken EVER! We haven't been doing much and I guess that's why.
We have had a few days of nicer weather this month and love the park near our house with two playgrounds and walking trails. The dogs love coming with us and getting some energy out and we just go and have a little fun. Here are a couple of Austin and Daddy on the swings.

I have a feeling that my son will be a video game "junkie" like his Daddy....

When Austin was born, I was given a HUGE bear at the hospital from Austin's Papa and Nana. He has since claimed that it's his and recently wanted to get it out and snuggle with it in the living room. He's usually scared of it at night, so it lives in the closet normally. Well, at naptime one day, he wanted it in his bed and this is how I found him sleeping. (Sleeping has been a rarity lately...wish they NEVER gave up their naps!)

We have a book called "Baby on the Way" and Austin loves to read it at night. It's a great book that tries to explain how Mommy feels when they have a baby in their tummy and at one point it describes how a Mommy might want to make a cozy nest just like when kids make a fort out of blankets on a rainy day. Well, Austin wanted to make a fort like in the book, so we did. He loved watching TV from inside his did Koa!

I'm sure I will recover from my lack of pictures when Colten is born....and will post those as soon as I can when he's born! Until then, I hope these will do!

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