Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ready or Not...

Colten's on borrowed time now. If he doesn't decide to come on his own this weekend or Monday, he will be "evicted" on Tuesday. We have a scheduled c-section at 7:30am on the 27th (ironically, the same date we had for Austin's due date back in 2005!).
Many of you know that I have wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) basically since Austin was born. I truly believe that a VBAC is better for mom and baby when there are no additional risk factors (ie. classical incision, induction meds used, etc). The decision to schedule a c-section on Tuesday was a very hard one, but one that Brian and I both thought was best since I will be one day short of 42 weeks. (I know many of you think I will be nearing 41 weeks, but the actual due date has been Jan 14th, not the 21st). Risks to the baby increase more after 42 weeks and we just felt more comfortable making sure he was ok than to go further and see if he comes on his own.
Why not induce first? That's simple. Induction increases my risk of uterine is also against hospital policy to offer VBACs anyway, so while they can't make me have a c-section, they won't willingly induce a VBAC patient.
Like I said, this decision was very hard...especially for me, since I have had a natural birth planned for so long. I'm actually still holding out for Colten to stop being stubborn and come on his own. However, if we get to Tuesday, I am viewing the c-section as a necessary evil. It's not something I want, but it's something that has to happen anyway.
We are very happy to know that his birth will be soon. No matter how he comes into this world, he is a blessing that we can't wait to hold and love!


Ellie said...

Good luck. Can't wait to "meet" Colton!!!!!!

jilljohnandhope said...

Thinking about you! We can't wait to hear the good news!