Monday, May 28, 2007


So, Austin is obsessed with Shrek right now. He sees anything that is Shrek and HAS to show me and talk all about it! He always wants to watch the movies we have and even has the burping Shrek from McDonalds and all 4 glasses (Thanks Aunt Amanda!!).

Yesterday, I am proud to say that Austin made it all the way through a movie at the theatre!!! We went with Paula and the kids and Christina and her kids and I FINALLY got to watch a full movie with Austin!!! Granted, I did have to take him back to his seat after he tried to follow the other kids up the aisle to the bathroom, but he did REALLY well! He just LOVES Shrek!

Another day out on the river

We went back to the river one day and took a picnic lunch to eat at on the beach. Austin and Papa were there first and fished a little, then came back to the ramp to pick us up.

Here's a picture of a fish that Papa and Austin caught (more Papa this time than Austin!).

Eating his lunch in the water...silly boy!

Austin and Mommy

The Budweiser Clydesdales...

Grants farm is funded by Budweiser and they have their clydesdales there. You can go there to see them and learn a little more about them. When we were there, they had two babies out in the pasture. They were so cute!

Yes, we were the cheesy tourists who got their picture taken with the Clydesdale!!! Austin REALLY liked it though....he calls them Yee-haws!

Grant's Farm

We had a blast at Grant's Farm....When you first get there, you take a tram from the entrance to the actual park. Along the way, you see all kinds of different animals: buffalo, long-horned cattle, zebras, deer and even ostriches!

Austin's excited about seeing an animal on the tram...

Feeding a baby goat....this was right before 4 or 5 other goats attacked him! They all want to eat ALL at the same time. So, when the others saw that this one was being fed, they all came running over. One was on his back, another was trying to eat his shoes, another was trying to eat his shirt and he had two or more at the bottle. Austin totally lost it...hopefully he's not too scarred!

Austin was tired and cranky by this time...he wasn't too sure about this camel...

A picture in front of the antique Budweiser cart.

Heading back to the entrance to leave....well, we made one more stop before heading out....the gift shop!

More random pictures!

We did a variety of things while in St. Clair....a fish fry, a bonfire, fishing, and just having fun with family among other things!
Had to put this it with the hands on his hips!!!

Our little lizard boy! Funny how he won't even touch the geckos in Hawaii, but he'll hold a Missouri lizard!

I had to put this one in of him eating some yellow peppers. Despite his parent's pickiness, he is growing up loving a variety of food!

A shot of the family...minus Jimmy (who was working) and Brian (for obvious reasons!)

Austin and his Aunt Amanda

Fishing for real...

So, Austin DOESN'T get his fishing skills from his Mommy.....everytime I go, not only do I not catch anything, but neither does anyone else!!! He's lucky that I was only there to take pictures!
Getting some help from Papa....
Reeling in his VERY FIRST FISH!

Yes, on Austin's second cast (the cast HE actually did himself), he caught a little fish. He was so excited....and can you see that proud grin on his face???

Our little fishing dude!

Just thought this picture was cute....

more St. Clair pictures!

Here are some more pictures.....

Austin's first boat ride.... He doesn't look to sure about it, does he?!?!

It was a little cold and we were going pretty fast....he didn't say or do ANYTHING during the ride. Too cold or too scared? We're not really sure!

Austin talked a LOT about Papa's tractor after visiting at Christmas-time. He ACTUALLY sat on it this time around....and later rode on it with Papa, but they were the only two awake that early in the morning!

Papa and Nana bought Austin a fishing pole and tackle box. When we got home, Austin and Papa went down to the pool to practice casting....

His favorite part is reeling it in....BY HIMSELF!

Back from my trip...

It has taken me a while to update this since I got back from Missouri. I have been TRYING to get my house clean and everything unpacked and organized. Unfortunately, I am not the greatest house wife!!!

Austin and I had a lot of fun visiting St. Clair. I'll probably do a couple of post of pictures since I have so many! Here are some of him playing around my parents house....

Austin and his Nana went down to the little water "pond" almost everyday and threw rocks in there. He loves to throw stuff in the water all by himself!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Animals at the Zoo....

We had a great time at the zoo and all the animals were pretty active. We saw the Tigers trying to get lunch, a couple of bears with their lunch (the grizzly was eating in the pool) and the Elephants were taking a dirt bath (something I think Austin takes regularly!). The best part was the gorillas and their new little baby! We had no clue we would get to see a baby animal and it was a real treat! It was neat to see the mommy gorilla take care of her baby!
Well, he could ALMOST pass as an animal at times!!!

Can you believe how cute this little gorilla is??? The Mom would pick him/her up and just go about her was so cute!

The Tigers were stalking the men working on the next exhibit ... good thing they couldn't get over there or we would have seen it on the 6 o'clock news... "Zoo Keepers Lunch for a Pair of Hungry Tigers"

Austin liked feeding this goat at the Childrens Zoo....

The Giraffes are my favorites was getting pretty hot by the time we left and this on was tired from the heat! He/she would sit there and just eat at the grass while taking a break!

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Day at the Zoo...

Our trip to the zoo today was great! It was a pretty good day to go with sunny skies and ONLY 11 school groups there today (according to a zoo employee!). Austin had a good time with his Yaya and Bobo and as my earlier post had said, his favorite animals were the monkeys. His favorite activities was the Choo Choo Train. He was exhausted when we left and had a GREAT nap after getting some lunch in him!

Bobo and Austin watching the monkeys

Yep....He definately BELONGS IN THE ZOO!!! Does he look like a monkey and smell like one too?

Our Little Boy as a farmer with "papa's tractor."

Austin and Yaya with the Razorback

Austin, Yaya and Bobo on the was so fun!

What animal did Austin like best?

We went to the zoo today and while we were taking a break at the new Cafe Africa, Austin and Yaya had a very cute conversation about what animal he liked best so far.... it went like this:

Yaya: Austin, did you like the giraffe?
Austin: Uh, uh (no)
Yaya: Did you like the elephants?
Austin: Uh, uh!
Yaya: Did you like the Tigers?
Austin: Uh, uh!
Yaya: What animal did you like?
Austin: Oooh oooh, aahh aahh!

Obviously he liked the monkeys the best!!!

***Pictures to come!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers!!! Here are a few pictures from our trip to the playground this evening....

I had a good day....Brian called this morning to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He and Austin got me a cute little plaque that said "The best Mom in the universe."

We spent the majority of the day around the house, but then Mary and I went to the shoe store to get me a pair of shoes I have been wanting since I got here. We got back and had dinner then went to the play ground. It's been a good day!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

John's Graduation

Brian's younger brother, John, graduated from the University of the Ozarks today. Here are a few pictures from that GREAT day! Congratulations John....we are so proud of you! We knew you could do it!
And I couldn't resist adding couple of pictures of Austin either! He was so cute in his new blue shirt that Aunt Nancy had just given him. He did a GREAT job at John's graduation. Actually, he's totally making me seem like a lier since I had told everyone what a terror he has been the last couple of months! He has been a perfect little angel the whole time we've been in Little Rock....who knows, maybe he's turning over a new leaf! We shall soon see when we get back to Hawaii.....