Monday, May 14, 2007

A Day at the Zoo...

Our trip to the zoo today was great! It was a pretty good day to go with sunny skies and ONLY 11 school groups there today (according to a zoo employee!). Austin had a good time with his Yaya and Bobo and as my earlier post had said, his favorite animals were the monkeys. His favorite activities was the Choo Choo Train. He was exhausted when we left and had a GREAT nap after getting some lunch in him!

Bobo and Austin watching the monkeys

Yep....He definately BELONGS IN THE ZOO!!! Does he look like a monkey and smell like one too?

Our Little Boy as a farmer with "papa's tractor."

Austin and Yaya with the Razorback

Austin, Yaya and Bobo on the was so fun!

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