Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Rearranging!

Since Colten has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently, we decided to move him back into Austin's room. Austin has been wanting this for so long! Actually, it was his idea that they share a room!
So, I wanted to rearrange the room so that it would work better for the two of them. Austin had all his toys taken from him anyway (because of some recent behavior), so it wasn't too big of a job since we didn't have to work around the toys as much!
I should have taken a picture of the before, but didn't think of it until later and by then it was too late! Here's what it looks like now:
Austin loves fact, he spent a large portion of the day just playing in his bed yesterday!
Colten has slept 2 nights in their room now and has done great. He has woken up both nights around 4am, but I think as he gets used to not having someone to put his pacifier back in, he'll stop that. It did show us that Austin won't wake up with every little whimper from Colten though!
Now we'll see how clean Austin can keep it!

3 Months

Our little boy is growing so fast! He had a well baby checkup on Thursday the 23rd. He was 24 3/4 inches and was 14 lbs 14 oz.
He's getting really active and doesn't stay in the same place when put on the floor. I've already posted that he's rolling from belly to back. He's turning circles in the crib, so I never know where he's going to be when I wake up. He also seems to be trying to get up on his knees already. He can reach for things and pull them into his mouth and has been trying to sit up on his own when reclined back a bit (sort of like baby sit ups). In fact, there's a picture below of him sort of sitting on his own...but he doesn't have much balance and it didn't last for very long!
Colten is sleeping through the night (mostly) and is still very good at nursing (as you can tell by the weight gain!). He's a happy baby most of the time, but loves to be held, so can be pretty fussy when he's put down when he doesn't want to be!
Austin still loves him to pieces and can't wait for him to "grow up so he can play with my toys with me." I'm sure they will be great friends as they get older!
Here are some pictures:

(Oh, and he's drooling like CRAZY!!!)

Visitors for the Weekend

We had a full house this weekend! With Colten's baptism on Sunday, we had Yaya, Bobo, Nana, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Jimmy and Erin (Jimmy's girlfriend) to help us celebrate! They got a bonus since Austin also had a t-ball game as well!
I got a few good pictures of family with Austin and Colten. Not as many as I would have liked, but such is life! :-)

If you are wondering why Uncle Jimmy isn't shown...well, you'll have to ask him! He hates his picture being taken and avoids it at all costs! :-) I wish he'd realize that his nephews want to have pictures of him.

A Special Day

On Sunday, April 26th, Colten Tyler was baptised. I am not an eloquent writer like some, so there's no long post as to how special I think it is to publicly make the committment to raise Colten in a Christian home, to pray for him and give him to God. In fact, when it comes to things as special as this, my mind goes even more blank and I can't even get across how wonderful and great it is!

So, there are only pictures...

Finally Getting to Play

This past weekend was Austin's second game, but the first one that he got to actually play in. His first one was rained out. Everyone was excited about it and we ended up with a gorgeous day to play.
Austin's team is made up of 4 and 5 year olds, but a couple of them are almost 6. Only one kid has played before, so they are all at about the same level of play. At this age, they are just getting the basics down and it's pretty fun to see them play. Fighting over the ball with your teammates, decisions over which way to run the bases, and actually paying attention to the game are some of the harder parts of playing at this stage!
Austin did really well and really enjoyed playing. He is the only left handed batter on his team (but he throws right handed?!?) and he hit really well, but got caught up on another hard part of the game...running when you hit the ball (they tend to just stand there and watch where their ball goes). So, he got out at first base. In one of the pictures, you'll see his coach taking the bat and kind of nudging him to first base. Our team was having the kids sit down when they got out...the other team was not (which was confusing to me...why not be consistent?).
There was only one time when Austin said he didn't like it...when he missed two ground balls that went through his legs. The next time they were supposed to be out in the field and his coach was assigning positions, Austin raised his hands and said, "Coach, I wanna bat!"
Overall, I'd say Austin had a blast and loves learning how to play. Will he be an all-star? Who this point, we are just happy to see him playing with kids his age and having fun being active.
I love this picture for some reason!
Here's a slideshow of some pictures since there were too many to post, but I couldn't decide on just a few!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Backyard Fun

We have been having some GREAT weather lately and have been taking advantage of it! We love our backyard! Here are some pictures of us spending some time out in that yard in that awesome weather!

Just Call Him Farmer Austin

I found out about this event that was going on at the U of A Farm called Farm Friends. They set up all kinds of adult and baby animals and let school kids come and learn about them. They open the place up to the public one night from 5-7pm and also serve dinner (beans and cornbread)...all for FREE!
Austin had a blast at this place and I got some pretty good pictures...despite the lighting! Here they are:

A picture of ME!?!? I actually do exist!

Austin has a little experience milking cows since he milked a REAL one at Purina Farms earlier this month! He kept asking the guy who helped with this "cow" how they got the milk in there since it was fake!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playground Fun

Austin loves the playground by our house. It's at JB Hunt Park and there's usually at least one other kid there at some point while we are there. We can take the dogs and let them run around while Austin lets some steam out as well.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bumbo Toy

Just wanted to show a couple of pictures of Colten in his Bumbo playing with his bead toy. He really likes to reach out to it and move the beads up and down. I like that he does this while I fix dinner!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Game...Kind Of

Saturday was supposed to be Austin's first t-ball game. The weather was supposed to be rainy during the morning and clear up in the afternoon...instead, it did the opposite! The rain held off all morning and when we got to the park to set up for his game, it was sprinkling a little. We waited a bit and then the game started. The rain increased a bit and we were 3 batters into the game when the sky opened up and everyone scattered. :-)
I did manage to get some pictures before the well as some of Austin getting ready. I'll tell ya, the uniforms they gave these kids are HUGE! The hats all make their ears turn down a bit, the shirts are all baggy and WAY too big and the socks can fit an adult! I think he'll be able to fit into this stuff when he's about 12 or 13! None of them care though!
Getting dressed with some help from Daddy.
Getting a picture before leaving...they look like players from the 30s or something with their baggy shirts!
Getting warmed up.

Stopping the ball. What is it about boys and just falling to the ground when a ball comes at them? They all do it! Austin does it around the house as well!
So, I guess we'll see if they'll make up this game at some point. We are hoping for good weather this weekend so that he can actually PLAY in a game!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Egg Hunting

Our church had an Easter Egg Hunt on the day before Easter and we took the boys to it before I took them to Little Rock (Brian and John were going to the baseball game and then driving to Little Rock).

Austin was looking forward to it and had a blast!!! They had two bouncers set up in the gym and a huge table full of cookies, cupcakes, drinks and other sweets. The Easter Bunny even made an appearance.

The weather was gorgeous for a hunt and there were TONS of eggs in the playground area. Austin was really good about leaving eggs for other kids and was actually very particular about what egg he picked up. In the end, we had a bag full of candy and 5 coupons for free kids pizzas at Razorback Pizza. What a great hunt!

The Diamond Hogs

It's baseball season...and we've been going to see the Razorbacks play quite a bit lately. Brian gets in free and Austin and I are both $10 or under. They have a great area in the outfield where you can set up your own chairs and bring coolers, etc. In fact, they have some picnic tables and grill to cook your own food.
Anyway, we went to a game after Austin's practice one day and these are the pictures from that night.

Gorgeous sky that I just had to take a picture of.
Daddy talking to Colten.
Austin when he wasn't playing with the other kids.

Colten during the game.
Colten and Courtney Coleman...she sat for the boys the night before and now they love her!

Austin taking a much needed drink from the free water bottle we got from the game.