Monday, April 20, 2009

First Game...Kind Of

Saturday was supposed to be Austin's first t-ball game. The weather was supposed to be rainy during the morning and clear up in the afternoon...instead, it did the opposite! The rain held off all morning and when we got to the park to set up for his game, it was sprinkling a little. We waited a bit and then the game started. The rain increased a bit and we were 3 batters into the game when the sky opened up and everyone scattered. :-)
I did manage to get some pictures before the well as some of Austin getting ready. I'll tell ya, the uniforms they gave these kids are HUGE! The hats all make their ears turn down a bit, the shirts are all baggy and WAY too big and the socks can fit an adult! I think he'll be able to fit into this stuff when he's about 12 or 13! None of them care though!
Getting dressed with some help from Daddy.
Getting a picture before leaving...they look like players from the 30s or something with their baggy shirts!
Getting warmed up.

Stopping the ball. What is it about boys and just falling to the ground when a ball comes at them? They all do it! Austin does it around the house as well!
So, I guess we'll see if they'll make up this game at some point. We are hoping for good weather this weekend so that he can actually PLAY in a game!!!

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