Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Diamond Hogs

It's baseball season...and we've been going to see the Razorbacks play quite a bit lately. Brian gets in free and Austin and I are both $10 or under. They have a great area in the outfield where you can set up your own chairs and bring coolers, etc. In fact, they have some picnic tables and grill to cook your own food.
Anyway, we went to a game after Austin's practice one day and these are the pictures from that night.

Gorgeous sky that I just had to take a picture of.
Daddy talking to Colten.
Austin when he wasn't playing with the other kids.

Colten during the game.
Colten and Courtney Coleman...she sat for the boys the night before and now they love her!

Austin taking a much needed drink from the free water bottle we got from the game.

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