Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Months

Our little boy is growing so fast! He had a well baby checkup on Thursday the 23rd. He was 24 3/4 inches and was 14 lbs 14 oz.
He's getting really active and doesn't stay in the same place when put on the floor. I've already posted that he's rolling from belly to back. He's turning circles in the crib, so I never know where he's going to be when I wake up. He also seems to be trying to get up on his knees already. He can reach for things and pull them into his mouth and has been trying to sit up on his own when reclined back a bit (sort of like baby sit ups). In fact, there's a picture below of him sort of sitting on his own...but he doesn't have much balance and it didn't last for very long!
Colten is sleeping through the night (mostly) and is still very good at nursing (as you can tell by the weight gain!). He's a happy baby most of the time, but loves to be held, so can be pretty fussy when he's put down when he doesn't want to be!
Austin still loves him to pieces and can't wait for him to "grow up so he can play with my toys with me." I'm sure they will be great friends as they get older!
Here are some pictures:

(Oh, and he's drooling like CRAZY!!!)

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