Thursday, August 30, 2007

Muddy Mess....

Here's Austin in a BIG mud puddle that he got to go in when we went 4 Wheelin' with a friend. He had so much fun! Can you believe I encouraged him to get in it? I did!!! And it even all came out of his shorts...the shirt is another story!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm behind on pictures and updates....

Yes! I know, I know! I need to update! Been really busy lately, but things MIGHT be slowing down!!!?! I'll post more pictures soon....but we are doing well and just trying to get through to October! Can we just skip the whole month of September??? Anyone know how to do that!?!?

Friday, August 24, 2007

More soccer!

Well, the same day as Austin's first soccer class, he got to go to Anna's soccer practice! He had a blast being around more soccer and was even practicing the moves he learned in class that day! He was just so cute with his little soccer ball and "My Dad is the Man" shirt!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soccer Tots

Austin started his soccer class today! There is a great program called Soccer Tots. It is a development program to help with motor skills and balance as well as promote physical fitness and create self-confidence (yes, I took that out of the brochure!). I wanted something fun that was centered around sports since he is always wanting to play some kind of sport whether it is baseball, basketball or soccer. This was PERFECT for him and he had a TON of fun. We were the only ones in the class, but next week we are going to join the older group for more socialization since he doesn't seem to have a problem with too many of the things he did today. Here are some pictures from the class and I will try to get the videos that I took combined and uploaded sometime soon.

Kicking the ball...

Every athlete needs to stretch!

Stretching some more...

Kicking the balls into the goal

Playing with the BIG soccer ball...he had a lot of fun with this one. The coach would let him kick it a bit, then "steal" it from him and have Austin try to get it back. He just kept laughing so hard trying to get it back!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Biker Boy

Austin loves riding his bike. Whenever we go outside to go to the car, he always hops on his bike for a short ride before leaving. He loves to go FAST and run over things. He's REALLY good at pedaling now and I can't wait for him to get a 2 wheeler bike when Daddy gets home!

Acting Silly and Blowing Bubbles

Those are two of Austin's favorite things to do....among other things! Austin has really been enjoying life and is such a cutie most of the time! Things can definately get ugly really quick, but the fun, outgoing, lovable Austin always comes back at some point! Here are a few pictures of him at his best.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Quilt

So, Aunt Paula was at K-Mart today and called me on the phone to tell me about this really cool quilt that they had for Austin's bed. I can tell already that having both Nathan and Anna in school is going to be dangerous for not only Paula, but for me as well!
I went to K-Mart tonight and picked it up (along with several other things) and got it on Austin's bed before he went to sleep tonight. Here's what it looks like! Sorry, Brian...I just couldn't help myself!!!

How cute is that!?!?

Being silly before usual!

Reading a book before going to sleep.

Mail from Yaya and Bobo!

Yaya and Bobo sent a box has all kinds of clothes and a book and a helicopter. Austin tried to read AND play with his helicopter at the same time.

Sunday's Sunset at the Beach

The sunset was gorgeous on Sunday...and my camera got some really good pictures (well, I think it did!). The clouds always make the sunset a little different....

Seriously, our son is a CHEESE BALL when it comes to pictures these days! Can you tell that he is saying "CHEESE!!!" in this picture? The people sitting nearby really had a good laugh!

Last chance to play in the water....

Click on this'll see a cute little sailboat in the picture!

Even as a silhouette, you can see he is having a blast!

North Shore Beach Day!

We went to the beach on Sunday. Austin has been feeling a LOT better and has been asking to go to either the beach or the pool pretty much everyday for a while, so I figured we would go. We went with our friend, Leslie, and headed up to North Shore. On our way there, we saw that there was a brush fire.....a HUGE brush fire that had traffic backed up going the other way. I figured it would be cleared up by the time we headed home since we were planning on staying until after sunset! WRONG!!! It took us an hour to get about 5 miles down the road!!! Austin did great though....wasn't cranky or anything! We talked about fire and how it's hot and that we have to be responsible when burning campfires, etc. Not sure how much will stick, but we had a good conversation! We got home and Austin was TIRED! He went to bed and didn't wake up until 8am this morning!!! For those of you that don't know, that is LATE for Austin, who normally wakes up around 6 or 6:30! Yay for Mommy! It's been a while since I've gotten to sleep until 8am!

I'm not sure what that look is for, but I thought it was funny!

Just a cute picture of a boy and his truck!

He definately looks like a baseball player, doesn't he!!!

All smiles

So happy to be at the beach!

Posing for pictures....he kept saying "a picture of me, Mom!!!"

Climbing a moutain!!!

Ok, well, not really a mountain, but he sure loved climbing it!

Happy Beach Boy!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A gift from Daddy

Austin and I were eating lunch today when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and the UPS guy was there with a big box. Austin got to open it and it turned out to be a Cars Tent from Daddy that he ordered from! Austin had a blast with it and even slept in it for his nap. I think it will be set up pretty regularly, if not all the time!!!

" CARS, CARS!" (Ok, he was a tad excited!)

How FUN!

Look....I can't wait to sleep in here!!!

A quick snack before my nap!

Yes, Austin is so easy when it comes to his nap (knock on wood!). Even the excitement of a new Cars Tent doesn't keep him from sleeping!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update on Austin

Austin had a follow-up appointment today for his pneumonia. He hasn't been eating or drinking well all weekend and into this week, so I have been a little worried about that and the lingering fever he has had. This morning, he only had 2 crackers and a few pieces of cereal to eat and less than 8oz of fluids. Some of that was Pediasure though, so I felt good about that. Of course, this is not for lack of trying....the boy just won't eat anything I offer him! He has even turned down CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!! Definately not MY son! :-)

Anyway, the Dr. said that the pneumonia looked like it was an early case and we must have caught it pretty early. He also said that he suspects that Austin is fight off a virus as well as the pneumonia, which would explain the fever. Of course, he hasn't had a fever since this morning, so that might already be taken care of! :-D It always works that way...right after you see the doctor, the things that worry you take care of themselves!

Austin is hanging in there....he can be REALLY crabby at times though, so I am hoping he forgets that behavior when he gets better because a kid screaming at me is NOT my definition of a FUN household! We went over to visit Paula and the kids tonight and had dinner. Austin ate two bags of chips...of course NO dinner, but at least he ate SOMETHING! THEN, he came back home and ate some, I think we are on our way to a healthy boy soon!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Our Sick Little Boy!

Well, Austin has been running a fever for the past 3 days. So, this morning, I took him to the Acute Care Clinic on post and after 4 hours, 2 chest x-rays, and an IV later, we came home with the diagnosis that he had pneumonia! This boy is so pitiful looking! He got up this morning at 3am and wanted to eat something and drink something (which he didn't do much of either) and he insisted on watching "Mouse House." (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...a movie I bought him since he likes the TV show so much!) So, I let him....hey, he is sick and he gets to do whatever he wants to do! When the ACC opened at 6am, we got ready and left the house. Sooo, he was pretty tired when he got back home and slept a good portion of the afternoon. Not as good as a normal nap, but he was restless because of the way he is breathing.
Anyway, Paula brought me dinner and brought Austin some blue slush drink from Chili's. He drank that pretty well and cuddled with Paula a bit before going to bed. Here are some pictures of him this evening. Paula asked me if I was going to take any pictures of him like this to put in his scrapbook and I told her that I almost grabbed my camera before heading to the ACC! I didn't though because I figured I'd get some pretty weird looks. Of course she said, "spoken like a true scrapbooker!"

These two pictures are of him sleeping.....

So, I will keep ya'll updated on how Austin is feeling the next couple of days! Pray he gets better soon....I hate seeing my baby like this!