Monday, May 28, 2007

Grant's Farm

We had a blast at Grant's Farm....When you first get there, you take a tram from the entrance to the actual park. Along the way, you see all kinds of different animals: buffalo, long-horned cattle, zebras, deer and even ostriches!

Austin's excited about seeing an animal on the tram...

Feeding a baby goat....this was right before 4 or 5 other goats attacked him! They all want to eat ALL at the same time. So, when the others saw that this one was being fed, they all came running over. One was on his back, another was trying to eat his shoes, another was trying to eat his shirt and he had two or more at the bottle. Austin totally lost it...hopefully he's not too scarred!

Austin was tired and cranky by this time...he wasn't too sure about this camel...

A picture in front of the antique Budweiser cart.

Heading back to the entrance to leave....well, we made one more stop before heading out....the gift shop!

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