Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deep Sea Fishing...a success!

While Bill and Mary were here, the boys got to take a fishing trip! Brian coordinated with a few of our great neighbors and they all went out deep sea fishing. Brian has been before, but came back empty handed. In fact, I don't think there was even a bite on that trip! This trip, however, had a VERY different outcome!
I think the trip started out well...then after eating, most of the guys ended up feeling sick...and ended up at the side of the boat a time or two! That didn't ruin their trip though....since shortly after, they got their first bite. Then, at the same time, got a second bite! Two Pacific Blue Marlins were hooked at the same time....but only one ended up caught. If you haven't been on a fishing trip like this before, the boat is lined with all these rods that are baited and just waiting for something to bite. When there's a bite, someone sits down and starts reeling it in. I'm sure there's a little more to it, but that's basically the jist of it.
Brian had the first bite, but the Marlin wasn't hooked correctly and got away. Our neighbor, Doug, had the other Marlin and ended up reeling it in after 30 minutes. This wasn't just some little fish....they estimated it to weigh about 156 pounds or so. It was 82 inches long...NOT including the nose (or whatever it's called).
After the Marlin was caught, another neighbor of ours, Dan, caught a KawaKawa (pronounced kava-kava). I looked it up online and it's also called a Mackeral Tunafish. Don't ask me which type of fish it is...I couldn't find much on it! It was about 15 pounds...which the workers on the boat said was big for a KawaKawa.
It was a long day since they set out on the boat around noon (but had to wait for a submarine to move for them to get out of the marina) and didn't get back home until about 8:30 that night. When they did get home, I cut a few steaks for the fishermen out of the Marlin and a couple of steaks of the KawaKawa and grilled it all after marinading it in Italian dressing for about 15-20 minutes. I think it was a hit since there wasn't anything left!
Here are a few pictures from the trip....

The red thing sticking out of the fish's mouth is it's stomach...gross but I guess that's just how it is when you're dead!

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Fiorella said...

I am so happy Brian had the great idea of doing the deep sea fishing. Doug was absolutely happy to be there.