Wednesday, April 6, 2011

9 Years

Nine Years ago, I was married to the best man in the world. We had married just a year and 3 months after we met (ok, we had apparently met before we met, but seeing as how it was because some guy he knew was hounding me at work, I don't count that!).
Brian and I officially met in a short class during winter break at college. Our school called it J-Term and it was a 3 week course. We were taking a literature class and I walked in the first day and sat in front of him. I immediately pegged him as a baseball player. As an athletic trainer, I knew an athlete when I saw one. :-) The second day of class he came in after me and sat 2 seats behind me instead of sitting in the seat right behind me. Seeing as how I knew he was someone worth getting to know, I called him on it. :-) He joined our small group, we started going to lunch together, I started skipping track practice and the rest is history.


Brian was in ROTC and I knew what that meant. It didn't matter, though. In fact, I liked that he was going to be a "man in uniform." I think we both knew pretty quickly that this wasn't just a regular relationship. This was it. We met each others' parents, went on a Spring Break trip together, and then he took me to meet his brother and sister-in-law in Germany on a family vacation. Yeah, not just another girlfriend...I was in. :-)


September 11th happened and it shaped what our future was going to be like. The Army would be much different than what it was on September 10th.


Brian went to Officer Basic Course a few months after graduation. Luckily it was just 2 hours from the college I had yet to graduate from. I went down to visit him one night, expecting to go to a Christmas party and walked into his room to see Christmas lights, music playing, and roses. There was a stuffed reindeer that held a special ring on it's antlers and a wonderful man whose question was answered with a yes.
Our plan was to wait to get married until I had graduated college. His brother and his family would be stateside by then and they'd be able to attend.


When he was assigned to Fort Campbell, our plans changed. The unit he was assigned to was supposed to deploy to Afghanistan. We quickly set a date and started planning. At some point, we found out that the Army changed it's mind and sent a different unit. Relieved, we still moved on with the plans since you just never know when the Army is going to change its mind again. :-)
We were married in a small ceremony in my hometown and it was attended by a LOT of family and friends. It may not have been the most expensive or flashiest wedding and reception, but it was pretty and planned with love. Our family had a lot to do with it and I am forever grateful for all the work that was done to make our day special.


Now, 9 years, 7 houses, 3 deployments, 3 kids, a miscarriage, 2 dogs and a lost cat later, we are still going strong. We have had our ups and downs and sometimes it has been a lot of work. However, it is just WONDERFUL work and is totally worth it when I look over at my husband and my heart still skips a beat.


What were we thinking?
I know that we were thinking that the destination is totally worth the journey...bumps and all.


Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary. I pray Brian is safe on his current and all future deployments. What a gift you are to him. Those in the military have battles some of us never face. I give you so much credit for making it through it all, supporting him and loving him and I know he gives you the same in return. I hope when he returns you have a wonderful reunion date to celebrate the gift you are to each other!

Yvette said...

Aww happy anniversary Kerum

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your "STORY", Kerum. And I remember when Brian called and told Bill he had met a girl. Bill got off the phone and told me. I asked him questions which he didn't ask Brian so we called him back for the details. I knew Brian wouldn't call his folks for any old girl. I KNEW you were the one! And we are so glad! It has been 9 super years for us-you have made Bri happy and for that we are so grateful. Thanks for being YOU! Love you--Mary