Sunday, July 10, 2011

Off On An Adventure

We took off today on an adventure and just told the kids it was going to be fun. They had no clue we were going to The Great Wolf Lodge. Even if they would have known, they didn't know that the GWL had an indoor water park and all kinds of other attractions! All they knew was that they got to watch movies on the way to "the fun place."

When we got there, Daddy checked us in while I waited with the boys while a guy made balloon creations for the kids. Austin got a wolf and Colten picked a helicopter.

Then we walked around to the elevators and showed Austin what we were here for! This was his reaction to what he saw through the windows. He was shocked! LOL

For our first time in the water, I didn't take any pictures. I just wanted to enjoy these moments with our kids. They had a blast! We definitely have 3 water-loving-kids! Even Aiden was splashing and having a blast!

Around 4:15, I got our room "keys" (which is really just a microchipped wrist band) and we headed to our room to show the boys their "den." They even have their own TV!

We got dressed and went to eat dinner. By that time, Aiden was exhausted and Colten was ALL over the place! I thought for sure that dinner would be a nightmare! I even commented while Aiden was crying, Austin was wandering off and Colten was bolting off, that we were probably the most dysfunctional family there! LOL. Probably not, but it sure felt like it!

Our server was AWESOME and the food was good. The boys like the wolf ears they got, Brian enjoyed his beer and I am glad they sell this:

You can even walk around with it through the resort! Someone sure does understand what it's like to take kids out in public!!!

Right now, 2 kids are out with a possibility of it being all 3. Austin went with Daddy to the waterpark at bedtime and I got the younger 2 to bed. Austins d Brian got back and it's been a little harder to get Austin to sleep. I think he's down now though! Tomorrow will be a full day of more water fun with other things mixed in.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT place to be!! Have a blast....Love you-YaYa