Friday, September 9, 2011

Aiden is ONE!

Today, we have a ONE YEAR OLD! A whole year has gone by since this little guy has come into our lives. I can't even imagine what our lives were like before this energetic, smiley, loving, cheesy-grinned, little boy showed up! One thing is for sure, our family is better by having him and we will have fun watching our 3 boys grow up together!







Aiden, your Daddy and Mommy love you very much! You may be the third boy in our family, but each of you come first in our hearts. You are going to be showered with both love and wrestling moves and tackled with hugs and kisses. You're going to be a tough little boy, it's almost a requirement with the 2 bigger brothers that you have! You have already shown that you are ready and willing to bound right in there and take them on! You love them though, and it shows in the way that you light up when you see one of them.

Today, we no longer have an infant. Instead, here stands a toddler. Ready to take on the world!


Eryn said...

I intended to ask you what Aiden enjoyed so I would know what to get him for his birthday but I've been a little too self absorbed lately :S sorry! Let him know he'll get a present very soon from Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Eryn! I'm hoping to get family pictures done by the end of October so I'll send you some of those as well. That way he'll actually know who Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Eryn are. ^^

Anonymous said...

Aiden is a very lucky little boy to have a mommy who will take the time to blog about him and his brothers. It will mean so much to them someday. Thank you from YaYa!