Friday, September 2, 2011


Tonight, I read an article that was shared on Facebook. It really hit home because I often feel invisible. Just someone here to do things. Cook, clean, tie shoes, make lunch, turn the TV on, lay out the clothes for the day, etc, etc, etc. It was a negative thing to me...until today.

I suggest you read the article right now. It's amazing how something like that shows up when you need it to, isn't it? Today, I have gone from being bitter about everything I have to do on my own, to being proud. It is all for the greater good. My kids will grow up knowing that Mommy can do anything she sets her mind to and hopefully will model that and be able to do anything they set their mind to! Plus, even if they don't seem to see it, God does. I'm thinking that He has a special place in Heaven for us Moms. I'm thinking spa-like, with beautiful aromas, calming music, and a place to sit and just be. :-) Of course, by the time I make it there, I'm hoping I have lived a long life and won't really need the spa-like atmosphere. I'll probably want the chaos of children around me again.

I'm building cathedrals...3 very rambunctious cathedrals, but cathedrals nonetheless. It's an important job and I will try to remember that as often as I can.

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Thank you Kerum.