Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day....part one (too many to choose from...I just couldn't choose!)

Do you remember that commercial for Disney World when the kids can't get to sleep because they're too excited to sleep....then the Mom asks the Dad if he's alseep and he says no, HE'S to excited to sleep!?!? Yes, that was our house! Brian was so excited about Austin opening his gifts that he just couldn't sleep that night! We woke up early...before Austin even woke up (on purpose so we could get things ready....breakfast, etc). I asked how he slept...and he said that he woke up at like 12:30 and then an hour later and then again a little bit later...each time thinking, "What??? That's it?!?!"

I got our breakfast started on the stove, Brian got the video camera set up and we got everything ready for when Austin woke up. We went back to bed to see if we could get a little bit more rest (we only woke up a little earlier than what he normally does...but he decided that he wanted a little more sleep than usual).

Finally, the time came when he was awake. We went and got him up and I told him to wait in his room until I told him it was ok to come out. We got the cameras and then gave him the all clear. Wouldn't you know it? The first thing he noticed was that Santa had eaten the cookies and drank the milk! LOL. It was just so funny!

Then, he saw what Santa brought him! He was so excited....a real train!!! Then, in the third picture, you'll notice he's holding his nose....hehehe...the smoke that comes out of the train's smokestack stinks, so he said that the train was stinky! He got over it really quick though and throughly loves his gift from Santa!

After he checked out the train for a bit, he noticed the stockings were filled, so we got those down. He and Daddy both got foam they had to try those out first!

After stockings came the gifts. It doesn't take long for kids to figure out how to open presents...of course, Austin had a little unauthorized practice before Christmas day, so he was pro by the time the real thing came along (yes, we rewrapped a few gifts because he just couldn't wait a couple of times!).

Hope you enjoy the pictures in the and the next post!

Love to you all and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!
Brian, Kerum and Austin

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