Monday, December 3, 2007

Hangin Out with Daddy

While Matt and Paula were in the middle of moving, they stayed in our house while we were on vacation. When we got back, their family stayed in the guest house on post, but they couldn't have their pets with them. So, we watched Luke and Tiger for them while they got last minute stuff taken care of.

Tiger has got to be one of the best cats I have ever seen. He's great with kids and even though he still has his claws, he is as gentle as can be! Austin loves this since our kitty, Toby, still runs from him at times (who can blame him...Austin is pretty rough!). Here's a couple of pictures of Austin cuddling with Tiger and Daddy....


No more pictures!!! (yes, that's exactly what he said too....guess he's tired of me snapping so many!!!)

The next couple of pictures is Brian and Austin watching TV together. I found them like this and just couldn't resist grabbing the camera!

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