Saturday, May 3, 2008

Catching Up....

So, I've been bad about updating the blog lately! I'm posting these pictures from earlier in April when Brian and I went on a Whale Watching Cruise. Austin stayed at home with his best babysitter, Cait.
It was a gorgeous day for a boat ride, so we were pretty lucky. I'm not sure if we expected to see a lot of whale activity, but we got some pretty good shots. As we turned around to go back to the pier, they were selling the pictures from our trip....AND the ones from the day before. Let's just say that the people who went the day before got QUITE a show! They had whales jumping all the way out of the water, spinner dolphins...basically the works when it comes to Whale Watching! However, we were very happy with what we saw since we did see more than some people do! :-)

The whales we were following were a younger one, the mom and a male escort (that's the phrase the expert used). The Father of the babies don't usually provide safety I guess, so other males help out.
Anyway, here's a couple of shots of the "baby's" tail.

One of the pectoral fins of one of the whales....

A partial breech....a full breech is when the whale jumps completely out of the water and does a belly flop back into the water. This one seemed a little half-hearted compared to that, but still VERY cool to see in person.

The splash after the partial breech

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