Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our little boy is growing up....

Austin started a chore chart the other day. The things he has to do everyday are: get dressed, no hitting, pick up toys, take care of pets, and clear the table. He has done very well so far and loves to put on the sticker magnets for each chore, each day.

The first chore of the day is to get dressed. We decided he needed to really start to do this or try to do this by himself. He is so independent in so many ways, but definitely not in this area! He wants to be dressed by mom or dad and isn't happy when he has to try by himself. On Wednesday, when we started this chore chart, he didn't get a sticker for getting dressed since he refused to try by himself. I think the lack of sticker for that chore on that day has bothered him....he has tried the rest of the week and is so proud when he gets done. He also tries to put a sticker on that day since it's the only spot without one!

Today, he put his shirt on and told Daddy that he did it. Brian said, "You the man!"

Austin's reply was, "Yep! I'm the MAN-BOY!"

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