Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Spur of the Moment Purchase....

Isn't it funny how those spur of the moment purchases are always the most expensive???
Brian and I have been playing with the different options that we have when we leave here with our vehicles. He's been thinking of selling the Jeep, but we weren't going to do that until right before we left if that is what he had decided to do.
For two days, Brian had a class down at Fort Shafter. On Thursday, he called me up. This is how our conversation went:
Brian: What do you think of the Honda CR-V?
Me: I don't know...don't know what it looks like. (as I go get on the computer to look it up)
Brian: Blah blah blah (telling me about the car as I'm looking it up)
Me: It looks nice...pretty cool features (blah blah I look at what it looks like)
Me: You already bought it, didn't you?
Brian: No
Me: Are you at work?
Brian: Not exactly....
Brian: That doesn't matter.
Me: You're at the dealership, aren't you!
Brian: No....
Me: Well, where are you then?
Brian: Yeah, I'm at the dealership...
We talk a little more about it and I ask him what he was thinking of doing, etc. Like I said, our orginal plan was to, at the very least, sell the Jeep. However, that wasn't even decided on and it was supposed to be right before we left if it was decided on! :-) So, I can already tell he likes the car. We decide for me to come have a look since there's no way I'm letting him buy a car I haven't even seen!
Funny thing is, I basically had a feeling he was already sold on it. So, before I left, I took a box and took as much stuff out of our car as I could while getting Austin in his carseat etc. That way, there was less to cart home once we had this new car I hadn't seen yet!
So, after 7 hours of Brian sitting at the dealership (he had been there since 12:30 and we got home at 7:30), we pulled up in our driveway with a 2007 Honda CR-V. And the Jeep. Can you guess which car we are missing??? Yeah, the one we would have paid off next year. Such is life. By the way... I really like my new car! :-)

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Meredith said...

Congrats on the new ride! We are sort of in the market ourselves for a new car...but I would die if my brian pulled a stunt like that! Do you know when you will be moving??