Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm a Big Kid Now!!!

Guess who's wearing underwear now!!! Yep! Austin!!!
I knew it was going to be like this....he had to make the decision that he wanted to wear underwear and then diapers would be done.

On Wednesday night, about 20 minutes before bedtime, he asked if he could wear his underwear. I said yes, but that he'd have to go peepee in the potty. This usually ends the conversation right there and he goes and gets a diaper instead. However, that night, he said, "No, I go peepee in my underwear." We discussed how that would not be good since he would then get peepee on the floor and would have to clean it up....and he said he would. Then, I said that he'd have to do the laundry too since his underwear would be all yucky with pee and would need to be washed. He said, "no, you do the laundry!" I said that wasn't how it works and that he'd have to go pee on the potty if he wanted to wear underwear. Then, he said, "Oh, I'll go pee in the grass like Koa and Abby." This had me laughing, but I said that boys go pee in the potty most of the time, but that if he went peepee in the potty a few times, I would let him pee in the grass if he wanted to. I asked him if it was a deal and he said ok. So, we get him set up in underwear and a pullup over it since I didn't have a mattress protector on the bed. He peed in them before even going to bed, but realized that it felt wet and yucky. We put more underwear and pullups on and then off to bed he went. He's been waking up dry since about 18 months now, so him getting up in the morning dry was not a surprise. However, it took him until 9:30 to even go pee....but HE WENT IN THE POTTY!!! He was so happy! He only went pee 3 times yesterday and one was an accident at Chuck E Cheese (we had plans to go there before the whole underwear thing, so we couldn't break our plans with friends). But, he went to the potty again right before bed and didn't have anymore accidents.

Today, he hasn't had an accident yet and has gone numerous times in both the big and little potty. He has also done number 2 in the potty, but had asked for diapers for that...but we don't really have any (we actually have 2 left but they are hidden so it's not a temptation). He hasn't asked for a diaper any other time than that.

I am so excited...I figured it would be an overnight thing where he just did it and didn't look back, but I was starting to wonder at what age that was going to happen!!! :-) I love the facial expression he had the very first time he went was great! Definitely Kodak moment, but I didn't want to ruin it either!

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