Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inspirational Video

A while back, there was a video posted to my ICAN e-list. I watched it, in awe, then saved it to my favorites. I had planned on e-mailing out the link to everyone, but had forgotten. It was posted again recently. Even though I had already seen it, it's something that you can watch over and over again. This lady has a gorgeous voice....even when in labor! Yes, that's right....she is singing during two contractions. She says that it helped her with the labor. It's a great can download it from several sites. Please go to to see how to download it.

Here's the video:


yaya said...

oh, my gosh--that made me cry--what a terrific lady--if only i could sing :)

LB said...

wow... she has a great voice... and a 10lbs baby... goodness. I noticed the baby's name is Koa ;)