Monday, July 21, 2008

Koa is HERE!!!!

On Saturday, we got to pick up our puppy!!! He ended up coming a little late, but we finally got him home and I took some pictures of his first moments at home!
Austin is absolutely in love with him. Abby is doing great with him. He's so little and so cute! We have figured out that having him reminds us a little of having a baby in the house again though! The first night was a little rough. He hadn't pooped all day long. He tried, but just couldn't. So, all night long, every hour and a half, he would cry and we'd get up and take him outside. He went poop 3 times in the middle of the night (each time also going pee!). He never went in the house though (or his kennel) and we knew he was in some pain with this pooping problems, so we weren't too upset about the bad night. Plus, everyone knows that a new puppy is going to cry a little the first night or two (or more???).
We also think that we have a glimpse into how Austin is going to act with a new least for a little bit. The puppy cannot be asleep without Austin being next to him. I even found Austin hovering above Koa (like a bridge) underneath the table while the dog was sleeping. He just doesn't want to leave Koa alone! :-)
Overall, we think he'll be a good dog. He's definitely been giving us some entertainment outside. Everyone around here loves him. Our neighbors and another friend even sat outside with him while Brian was playing X-Box with Matt tonight (Austin and I were at a birthday party). They asked to bring him out, so Brian said sure!
Here are some pictures.....WARNING...he's cute and you may want a puppy after this! :-)

Austin and Koa right after he came out of the kennel
Abby meeting Koa...just a few sniff and he passed the "Abby test"

A boy and his dog....he's so proud to have a puppy!

A close up of his cute face and blue eyes!

Our three "kids" hanging out....

This is how Austin spends some of his time watching TV....he always wants to be near Koa!