Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Carnival in our Backyard

One day, Austin and Brian went out for a Boys Day Out. Mommy got to go shopping by herself, so Daddy took Austin to Chuck E Cheese. He also took him to Toys R Us. While at Toys R Us, Daddy called Mommy and told her they were looking at bouncers. He described one that he wanted to buy for Austin. Mommy remembered that the same one was at the NEX for a lot cheaper....but that she wasn't sure about the price since she didn't look too closely because they were going to wait until they moved to Arkanas.
Daddy went to the NEX and found that the bouncer was MUCH cheaper there and decided that Austin needed one. :-)
When Mommy got home, this is what she found:

Overall, it was a great purchase...we just need to figure out where to store it now!!!

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