Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July....part 1

Schofield Barracks has a 4th of July Celebration every year. They have rides and bouncers and games for the kids to play on and a concert and fireworks in the evening. Not to mention the TON of food they have offered as well!
We went with Austin in the morning to do the games and rides. It was HOT!!! He had fun though....his favorite was the helicopter ride! After the rides, we played some games, had lunch, then went home for naptime.
Some of the rides are big bouncers and slides. Here's one that Austin's been on before....he's climbing up....
He's not so sure....
He's definitely not sure and Mommy had to climb up to rescue him!
And made him slide down with her because she wanted to have fun! Seriously, last Easter, he LOVED this slide! He went down it so many times I lost count! This year, there was no way he was going to go down that slide!!! At least not alone! There are just some things I will never understand about this boy!

This game was really cool...Daddy got to sit behind the screen and Austin threw water balloons at him!!!
One last picture of the morning....

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