Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spouse Orientation Flights

One of the things I love about living on Wheeler is the fact that we always get to see the helicopters flying around. Austin loves to watch them...he calls them "hopters."
Being a part of the Aviation Brigade, I got the rare chance to actually ride in one on the 27th of June. The Blackhawk Battalion (2-25) got DOD approval to do spouse flights. Normally, you can't ride in one unless you are a Soldier.
Each unit was assigned a time slot during the day. Ours was the last one of the day and when I got there, we had to sign in (they made sure we were spouses...you couldn't go unless you were on the list as a spouse) and go through a couple of safety briefs. They had flight suits and ear plugs for us .... and an air sickness bag! :-) We took off, flew towards Pearl Harbor and then turned around and came back. Not a long flight, but a flight nonetheless! About 320 spouses took advantage of this opportunity...not one had to use the air sickness bag! LOL I think everyone left with smiles on their faces.
Here are a few pictures:
The Blackhawk I rode on
Me in the "hopter"

A view of Brian's building (center of picture)...where Austin was staying while I was flying

A view of Diamond Head and Waikiki

Pearl Harbor with the USS Arizona Memorial and USS Missori

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