Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not enough room....

Ok, so this picture was taken a day or two after we got Koa. It's so funny to me because it shows Koa all comfy in Abby's bed...with Abby a little miffed that she has to share (and that this little dog won't leave her alone!)...and Austin angry because "it's not fair!" that Abby is laying with Koa and he can't!
Since this picture has been taken, it has gotten better. Abby and Koa still share beds fact, she has gone and layed next to him a time or two! She no longer gets up right after he lays next to her.
Austin has taken to chasing Koa around the house instead of laying next to him. I don't think Koa likes it as much as Austin does though! I'll have to get a picture of Koa laying next to Abby to show just how big he has gotten. I have tried several times to get a picture of them laying with each other and it was really cute, but as soon as I get my camera, one of them moves! Figures!

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