Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten...and so it begins!

So, this is what a Kindergartener looks like!

Austin was just SO excited for his first day of school today! He picked out what he wanted to wear last week when we bought a school shirt at open house. He didn't want to wear anything else but that shirt. He's obviously very proud to be an Overhills Elementary Lynx!

When I went in to wake him up, he popped right up out of bed and got dressed. He really wanted to ride the bus this morning. I'm not sure when he started talking about it, but we heard about it all morning long. He didn't think it was fair that the other kids got to ride the bus and we were taking him to school this first day. In fact, we heard all about it on the way to school as well. I think that's all he talked about!

When we were taking pictures outside the front door today, he kept watching the little girl across the street walk down to the bus stop with her mom...I'm sure you can tell that he wasn't even looking at the camera and he's not exactly happy that he's not walking to the bus stop as well.
It wasn't anything a little tickle couldn't help though!
When we got to school, he was really embarrassed that we were going in with him and that (gasp!) Mom was going to take her camera! In fact, he told me that he didn't want me to take any pictures inside...I set him straight and told him that this is just what Mommy's do! That one day, he'll thank me for getting these important pictures.
I did keep it to a minimum in the hallway though. I told him I'd get one good picture and that was it in front of the banner. It's not the best picture, but I really didn't want him to get too embarrassed on his first day!
He is in a classroom full of green frogs, so it's perfect for my green-loving boy!
He and Daddy emptied all the school supplies into his cubby.
The cubbies were quite full when all was said and done.
Then, he went over and put his frog at the lunch option that he had for the day. He wanted to bring his lunch the first day. However, Thursday is pizza day, so he has already decided to buy that day. (He doesn't go on Wednesday...this school has a really weird start schedule for the Kindergarten!).
Mrs. Bruner, his teacher, gave him his "morning work" and he went to his seat and started working.
Our little boy is no longer so little!
This is where a picture of him getting off the bus should be. However, his regular bus driver wasn't here today and she had a sub. Apparently, this sub is a bit faster than the regular driver and was dropping the kids off before we could get down to the corner. All of the moms in the neighborhood were just walking out of their houses, so I know it wasn't just me! LOL. I'll get some pictures on Thursday since it will be his first time at the bus stop in the morning.

When he got in the house, I asked him how school was. I am not kidding when he said, "Not so good...we only got to play outside for just a little bit!" I'm guessing recess was high on his priority and it just wasn't long enough for him! Plus, he said that it was ALLLLLLLL the way at the end of the day. When I asked him more about school, it seemed like he had fun despite recess not being long enough. He's the type of kid that needs some reminding as to what he did...we can't just ask him what he did because he won't remember. We have to ask specific questions, so it takes a little longer to get the details out of him. :-)

No, I didn't cry. Yes, it's hard to believe he's in school already, but I am so excited for him! I guess that excitement kind of overshadows anything else. I know that school is the best thing for him and that he is just going to grow so much this year! It seems like just yesterday he was this little baby in my arms...and I know that in 13 years, I'll look back on this day and think the same thing. They can't stay little no matter how hard we try to keep them that way!


Anonymous said...

Amen, Kerum, amen! YaYa and BoBo are proud of their kindergartener.

jilljohnandhope said...

Yay Austin! I can't wait to hear about his bus adventure on Thursday!