Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Year and a Half

At a year and a half, our soon-to-be middle son makes us laugh each and everyday! While he can sometimes turn cranky in a split second, he has such a FUN personality! I must tell him multiple times a day that he's silly. From putting drums on his head to smearing Mac and Cheese all over his head, he has so much fun doing what he does!
It's so funny to have two boys that seem so much alike, yet are so different from one another! I KNOW I have a picture of Austin doing this same thing with his shirt. It's funny how they both just pulled their shirt up over their head like this and enjoyed the reaction they got.
Comparing the boys doesn't go much further than pointing out how each are special in their own ways. Colten loves to "dance" around to music or sometimes to the beat of his own drum. He hasn't once told me to stop singing like Austin used to do! :-) He has had a lot of fun dancing in these wooden clogs on our wood floors.

We have used this growth chart to measure Austin since his Nana and Papa sent it to him for Easter one year. We decided to use it for all 3 of the boys and measured Colten a few days after he turned 18 months old. We'll do it every year around their birthday, but since we started Austin at 16 and 18 months on this, we decided to start at 18 months for the other two.
He's a little shorter than Austin was at this age. About 2 inches, actually! He makes up for it though...he's a strong kid and has been known to tackle Austin to the ground when he feels like it.

Soon, Colten will be the big brother. He just doesn't quite realize it yet! He's going to do great though...if not at the beginning, then eventually. :-) I've seen the sweetness in him. Sometimes, it's hard to see when he's got that mischievious grin on his face as he is about to whack you with a golf club, but I know it's there. I've seen him love on a friend's baby, run to give hugs to people he knows, and check on his big brother when he thinks he's hurt. It's going to be fun to watch him figure things out in the next few months and adjust to his new life.

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