Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waiting...It's so hard to do!

A post otherwise known as The Ramblings of a Pregnant Lady.

Why is it that my shortest pregnancy seems like the longest? Is it the fact that I KNOW that at 39 weeks that we'll have a new baby boy in our family? Is it other factors (age, summer heat, close pregnancies) that make it seem longer and harder this time around?

I keep telling Brian that I don't remember feeling like this with either of the other two boys. I know that my heartburn is worse and I'm actually experiencing third trimester nausea that never seemed to appear with Colten or Austin. I hurt all over, but especially my stomach. I feel like Aiden will just push his way out through my skin sometimes!

I know that in a couple of weeks, I'll have that baby in my arms. Eventually, I'll miss being pregnant. Yes, weird, I know, but I will. This could possibly be our last baby. I need to make an effort to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. I need to enjoy the ease of 2 kids (you know, compared to 3). It's easier getting ready, getting them in and out of the car, running errands, and so many other things. I would say I should enjoy a full nights sleep while I can, but I'm not getting it anyway! :-)

On Thursday, I go to the OB clinic again. We'll find out when Aiden will make his arrival. I've had months to prepare for this c-section and I still haven't accepted it fully. I've tried. Really, I have. I don't think I ever will. I had my eyes opened while researching years before Colten was even a thought in our mind and while there are days when I wish I could close them again and ignore it all; I can't. I know I'm giving in. Not really taking the easy route, as a c-section is far from easy. I guess I'm just giving up on what I've wanted. It's hard for me to give up.

I am amazed that Aiden will be so much earlier than Colten. If I have my c-section at exactly 39 weeks, he'll be 3 weeks earlier. I keep wondering how big (or little) he'll be, as both of his older brothers had more time to grow.

There's so much more I need to do before Aiden is born. Seriously, we still need to get the carseat! I think we are procrastinating so much more this time around. I'm determined to use cloth diapers this time around as well. We still need to buy those. Good thing is that they are made of a synthetic material and don't have a big prep period needed like some of the organic materials. I just wash them up like regular baby clothes and they'll be ready. I have to say that I'm pretty excited about those diapers. They are SO soft and I know they'll not only be better for Aiden's bottom, but they'll save us money as well! I'm hoping to use them with Colten as well....at least most of the time! He still might have to be in a disposable once or twice a day, but I'll get it figured out as a few weeks go by. If you're wondering how they can both be in the same type of diaper, they are a one-size diaper. That means the size is adjustable and can go from a newborn size to a toddler size with just a bit of adjusting. The particular brand I want uses the same system as the adjustable waist bands in most children's pants.

If we could get those two purchases out of the way and put the crib together in our room, I'll feel much better!

I think I have rambled long enough and Colten seems to agree as he is pushing his way up to the computer. I have some pictures I'll upload soon and hopefully I'll be better about posting than I have the last week! :-)

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