Friday, July 30, 2010

Goal of the Summer...

Austin had a few goals this summer. The biggest one involved these:

Austin's been wanting his training wheels off his bike since he was 3. However, his mind and his abilities were on two different timetables and he has had to wait. A couple of weeks ago, I raised his training wheels a bit so he would have to balance a bit in order to ride his bike. He had asked to take them off all the way, but I thought he needed the wobbliness of uneven wheels in order to succeed, plus I wanted Brian to be home for it.
Tonight was the night. He was a little nervous, but excited as well. Brian was all ready for an evening of instruction...complete with a full glass of ice water to help with the heat.
Little did he know....

...that it would only take...

...about 10 seconds of support from Daddy for Austin to take off and not look back!

Can you tell how proud he is of himself...and how proud his Daddy is of him (and probably a little shocked at how little effort it took)!

Now he's big and cool and all those things you are when the training wheels are taken off.
When was our baby replaced by this big kid???
With swimming lessons, the ability to tie his shoes and now riding his bike without trainings wheels under his belt, I think this kid is ready for Kindergarten!!!


Anonymous said...

YaYa and BoBo are so proud!!

Yvette said...

Yay Austin! Omg Kerum, Jacob learned the same way a few months ago.Same.Exact.Way. I didnt have my camera cause I didnt think it would happen that fast! I ran in yelling to my older son that Jacob learned already and he was like what the heck it took me like 2 days to learn! lol!