Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have You Ever???

Have you ever seen anything like this?

We are not exactly sure what happened, but it sure was weird!
Austin begged Brian to go out and throw the football with him on Monday night. It had cooled off enough for them to go out there safely and Brian aired up the Razorback football that Austin brought to him. They were having a good time, throwing it back and forth for 5 or 10 minutes when it started making weird noises. Austin was holding it as it started to expand. He threw it down and Brian came to get me to see it.
We aren't sure if there was a weak spot in the ball that couldn't hold the pressure or if there was some sort of weird gas inside the ball that reacted with the air that was added to make it more firm, but as Brian was taking down the street to show our friends, it popped.

I'm glad it didn't explode or anything. I guess I had visions of it exploding and hurting someone. It just sort of popped with a loud boom right in Brian's hands. So weird!
I guess we'll be getting a new football...

1 comment:

Julia said...

um... strange, very very strange. the change in temperature must've done it!