Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swimming Lessons - Colten's Side

So, when I signed Austin up for his lessons, I signed Colten up for some Parent/Tot classes as well. Colten loves the water. He was able to go into the pool when we visited Brian's Aunt and Uncle and was having a blast. He was jumping into the pool from the side by the time we left and I figured some classes for him would help us teach him the basics of swimming for his age.
The first class, Brian got in the water with him. We figured he probably wouldn't get to do that any other time since he worked (he was off the first day), so it might be fun for him to do. Colten was ok with that as long as he didn't see me. When he saw me, he wanted me and I was fully clothed, so that wasn't an option. I got very few good pictures since I was trying to hide from him and couldn't get close enough to get good pics.
This part of the class was about putting the babies (or toddlers) under water. You didn't have to put them completely underwater, but it's better if they learn to be ok with it. Most of his class is smaller babies with one girl looking to be about 2 (and she's the most scared of the class) and the youngest being 6 months old (which is the youngest they will allow). Colten is ok with going underwater. He won't close his mouth all the way (even when you blow in his face), so he does get a little water in his mouth. He usually just looks surprised and wipes the water away.

Of course, then he saw me and was not happy that he couldn't be with me. Doesn't he just look pitiful!
They do all kinds of songs and bouncing, etc in this class. Here's Colten looking for me...I had been across the pool where he's pointing, but he hadn't seen me right behind him yet.
This is when Brian showed him where I was. It was the end of class and he was happy to get out and get to me. So cute!
Colten has done awesome in class! When I first took a class with him, he would just lay in the water on his stomach and be still. He would just float there. The teacher would try to get the babies to kick their legs, but he would just float. I said he was like a log in the water. Now, something has just clicked with him and he has gone from that log to a fish! He kicks and moves his arms to get to a toy or ball. Today, I thought he was going to swim right out of my arms a couple of times! He still doesn't like being on his back, but that's just going to take some time. I think the best part is that he's having fun in the water and isn't as scared. I'm just really glad we signed him up and now we can work with him even after this class is over!


Kimberly said...

oh my your boys are adorable. I feel a bit behind in getting my kids into swim classes. Good motivator! :-) ~Kimberly


Lindsey said...

My take home message?? Brian has GOT to wear sunblock:-) I realize he's been busy working outside on the deck and all, but come now...he's got QUITE the farmer's tan and needs to protect his skin!!! LOL...Great pics though~you definitely inspire me:-)