Friday, July 23, 2010

The End of Baseball Season

Oh, what a sad day...the last game of the season! Austin really loved playing ball this year and we were really happy that we found a league that started playing right after we moved to North Carolina! What was even better was that Austin got to start hitting pitched balls in this league and he did GREAT!
Since Austin has been playing this year, Colten has been really interested in baseball as well. However, during Austin's games, Colten is more interested in running off or doing this:
Lots and lots of eating!
He also enjoyed trying to run out onto the field whenever he could. It doesn't help when Daddy calls for him though!
I try to watch Austin as much as I can while keeping track of his little brother. He only gets to hit twice a game and there has been a game or two where I have missed both at-bats! That pesky little brother keeps me on my toes and it seems that he enjoys running off at the exact time Austin is batting!
When I do get to see him bat, it's so neat to see him hit! Brian's done a great job showing him how to bat and Austin listens to him so well when it comes to baseball!
One of his favorite things to do this season has been sliding though. I think there was one time when he couldn't slide and that was when another kid was standing right on the base when he got to it.
One thing I will never tire of seeing is both teams telling each other "good game" at the end.

The week after his last game, the team met at Cici's Pizza for their awards. Austin was so excited to get a trophy (he didn't get one last year since the league we were in made the kids go to the end of the year tournament championship game in order to get their medals...we were out of town that weekend and he didn't get one).
His coach also gave each of them batting helmets as gifts. The kids all were really excited about that as well! Austin and one other little boy had heads that were too big, so she is getting them exchanged for bigger ones. He was still excited though and thought it was really cool.
Brian and I love to watch Austin play ball. I know Brian is especially proud that his sons are interested in the sport that he loves so much. I can envision lots of weekends full of baseball activities over the years as our boys grow up!

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Ellie said...

Way to go Austin! Congrats on a great season of learning and fun!