Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Shoes

What is it about Crocs on little kids feet that makes me gush?

I just can't help myself. They just look so cute walking around in them. Adults? Not so much. I understand how confortable they are. In fact, I have a pair of Croc sandals, but they aren't exactly fashionable. I didn't wear them out in public for a long time because I didn't think they looked all that great on my feet, but now the comfort factor is getting more important than the fashion factor as I get further along in this pregnancy. Not to mention the fact that it's just really hard to tie my shoes at this point. :-)
Colten has been steal shoes lately. Most often, Austin's black Crocs. He'll actually open the closet door where we keep them and put them on and walk around in them. Nevermind that they are too big and he trips over his own feet everytime.
I felt it was time for Colten to get his own pair. He was in need of some new shoes anyway, as his sandals that he was always wearing were stinking something fierce. Seriously, I couldn't stand them to even be out of the closet, much less on his feet!
I found out that there was a Croc store in the mall and we took a trip there the next day for Colten's first pair of Crocs. I was instantly reminded of how expensive these things are! Austin was asking for another pair as well and I just wasn't going to buy two pairs at once, so I allowed him to pick out some new Jibbitz (the characters, etc that you can push into the holes of the Crocs). I definitely had no recollection of just how much THOSE things cost!
However, it was all worth it and Colten LOVES his new shoes. Austin is happy with the Jibbitz he picked out and I can't get enough of seeing those little bitty feet running around in the green and blue Crocs everyday!

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