Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hormonal Much?

Yep, it's one of those days. I'm just don't complain that you weren't warned. I mean, doesn't the title of this post say it all?

It didn't really start out that way, but hanging out in a doctor's office with two rambunctious boys for an hour and a half will do that to anyone, much less someone who is just DONE with being pregnant. Yep, I said an hour and a half (more, actually, as this is just an estimate) for a 5 MINUTE APPOINTMENT! That doesn't include the 30 minute driving time each way. Sigh. I didn't even see the doctor. You know, the one that will be doing surgery, which is still unscheduled at this point, on me? Nope, never met the man. I'm wondering if d-day will be the first time seeing him. Maybe he'll just send the PA or the midwife in to do his job?

Can you tell I'm a bit peeved (huge understatement)? There's nothing in the house to eat and I really don't want to go to the commissary. Colten has a doctor appointment tomorrow at 8:30am, so I was thinking of going after that, but he'll probably get a couple of shots and I don't really want to take a kid who just had shots to the commissary. That means I'll get to spend my Saturday morning at the commissary with the hordes of other military families who just got paid. Lucky me!

This heat has GOT to let up. I mean, the kids are driving me nuts and it's just not safe to let them play outside. There's a heat advisory everyday. About an hour ago, it was 94 with a heat index of 110. Seriously? The only time that it's cool enough for them to play is at 7am or 7pm. Both times are just really inconvienent! I mean, we let them play in the evening, but seeing as how their bedtimes used to be 7 and 7:30, they are staying up way later than normal. By the time they are down and I sit down, it seems like it's already MY bedtime! I'll be ready for September when I've heard it's supposed to be cooler.

Don't you just figuring out what to have for dinner? Like I said, there's not much in the house. We do have quite a bit of steaks and chicken in the freezer, but it's not thawed and I didn't think of dinner until about 3pm. I don't enjoy figuring out what we are having to eat every night. I get bored by the meals we eat all the time, but we are a little pickier and that limits the things I will try to fix. Plus, Colten's aversion to most meat makes it harder for me to figure out dinner for him as well. I pulled out a couple of steaks for Brian and I (with the kids having chicken nuggets) and then realized that we don't have any Dales to put on the steaks before grilling them. Yes, most people would say that a good steak doesn't need anything else, but those people haven't had a steak with Dales before. So, now the dilemma is whether to just eat it anyway or save it for tomorrow and go out to eat. Of course, I have NO clue what time Brian will be home, so going out to eat probably won't work.

On a positive note, and you know I have to get something positive in here as it's just my personality, Colten is doing excellent with not having his pacifier. I wonder what is going through his mind about it. I mean, I just kind of put it up, didn't say anything about it and haven't said anything about it since. It just disappeared. We had a pretty cranky afternoon yesterday and it was really hard to not give it to him. I have loved seeing his face though and not having to look for the paci everytime he loses it somewhere in the house. I guess now I need to go and get the 3 that we had and get rid of them before he finds them. Two of them are under the crib and the third is behind some things on their dresser so he couldn't see it, but it was accessible if I needed it that first night.

So there, I feel a little better getting things out. It's not a lot to complain about, but when you're pregnant, it doesn't take much.

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Lindsey said...

WOW! I just LOVED your post!! You sound EXACTLY like me:-) Some day we have GOT to meet!! haha...seriously...I have the same thoughts running through my head--I can relate to the OB appts--it's like you wait hours and they check your weight and BP and send you out the door. I am like really? That's it? Annoying! And I had to laugh at the supper frustrations--that is me every night! haha...and Siri sounds just like Colten...refuses all meat except spicey Swedish meatballs! At least we don't have the heat like you do--or--if we do it's followed by some tornados a day or two later:) Hang in there!!! Too bad we can't meet and have park dates daily to get through our struggles together eh?:-)