Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White and Blue Boys

The weather here in North Carolina has been AWESOME this weekend! We've been spending a lot more time outdoors, especially in the morning when it feels like Spring! Before this weekend, it was HOT and HUMID by 8am, so no humidity lately has felt heavenly! What a great weekend for Brian's favorite holiday!
It was Brian's turn to sleep in today, so I got the boys dressed after a bit of morning TV and we went out to play. I was really glad I decided to go through outgrown clothes yesterday because I found 2 shirts that Colten could wear today! Yes, I have already planned that he'll wear two because he is just a rugrat and will get the first one dirty before we end up leaving the house today.
The boy loves him some baseball!
I got a few more really good pictures of Colten, then saw that he had some HUGE boogers smeared across his face. Pretty cute still, but kinda gross.
Austin's eyes are pretty sensitive to the sunshine, so I'm really glad I can actually see them in this picture! He looks so grown up!
Our two boys together. I didn't even have to bribe them to sit like this. Colten just came over and sat with his brother.
Cool Boys.
The deck is almost done. A few finishing touches here and we'll be able to get the inspector out. We don't have to have railing since we're under the 30 inch rule, but we'll end up putting up something. We just haven't figured out if we'll (as in Brian) will build a bench seat or just regular railings. We'll figure it out, then do that another weekend. Brian's taking today off and then do the last couple of things tomorrow. I'll post pictures later.
We are spending our 4th of July relaxing this morning and afternoon, then heading to post to see the fireworks. They'll have games, rides and a couple of concerts as well, so I'm sure it will be a fun packed evening! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!

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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Austin looks so dang handsome in that picture!!

Happy 4th of July!