Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Deck Progress

Brian worked all weekend on the deck. It is looking REALLY good and we are getting really excited about the plans we ultimately have for our yard. The deck just has to get finished first (oh and we still need to get the tax credit money that we get for buying our first home!).
Here's Brian working hard to get the joist hangers nailed in.
Using a scrap board as a spacer.
The next morning, Brian and I measured what each joist should be and then he cut them all as I took the van to the dealership for new tires. Later that day, he got to nail all the joists into the hangers.
Just a few more to do!!!

Here's what it looks like as of now.

If you're wondering if I do any work, the answer would be yes! Someone has to operate the camera! :-) I do help, I just can't take pictures and be in them at the same time. I probably had the grossest job out of all of them and put down the weed block, even the pieces that Koa had convienently peed on. However, if we had to name just one person who built this deck, it would definitely be Brian. He has worked SO hard on this project! I am very proud of what he has accomplished so far and can't wait to see the finished project. I know he's ready to see it as well...and be able to enjoy the deck that he built himself.

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Randy and Leslie said...

Brian is a regular handyman!! It looks great!!!