Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Since having to dig the footings for the deck, we have had one DIRTY house. We've also had some dirty kids! The soil here isn't much soil...mostly sand instead. It's everywhere. The kids used to track it in anyway, but now it seems as if they are bringing in buckets-full everytime they play outside! I will be glad when the deck is finished and they can roll around in the dirt underneath it anymore!
Here's an example of what Colten looks like when he comes in from the back:
The picture was taken with my flash on, so there's some detail lost. It looked MUCH worse in person!
Here's what the floor looks like at the back door when it's time for the kids to come in.
They usually wear sandals outside, so that's why it's footprints. I don't let them run around out back without shoes right now. Our yard is just not a great place for that right now.
So, anyone want to come help clean my house? :-)

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