Friday, June 4, 2010

New Bed

Austin has been wanting a bunk bed for a while now. We wanted something that he (or his brothers) would use for a while and while we had a really hard time finding just what we were looking for, we finally found something that could work!

Since he refused to sleep in his other bed (darn aliens!), we sold it and had plans to find a bunk bed for Austin. We almost bought one in Arkansas, but it was on back order and wouldn't have made it to us in time for our movers to pack it. We searched here in NC and finally found a bed that we liked and we knew would last. It's a traditional bunk bed, but we turned it into a loft by leaving one of the mattress supports off. The boys now have a good play area underneath, while Austin is happy that he's sleeping "up high."
The ladder can be moved so that Colten doesn't climb up there during the day. It's a good thing too, because it's one of his favorite places to be! He has no fear, so he's not very safe up there. I have visions of him tumbling head first off of it at some point!
Austin also got a new bedding set. He is really into the army stuff right now, so he was really happy with it. His first sleeping in the bed, he had the giant bear in the bed with him. We didn't do that the next night (or since) because he said that it was crowded up there and that it hurt to sleep because he didn't have any room to move. Our boy is used to having a full sized bed, I guess!
I know at some point, Austin will want something else. Something cooler or older. We planned for that! This bed can come apart and be two twin beds for the younger boys and then when they are both old enough for bunk beds, we'll turn it back into a bunk bed.


Julia said...

awesome! i believe we were on the same wavelengths. we'll be moving soon (if they accept our offer on the house we want to buy) and my hubby has hopes of building a bunkbed/loft for hannah, so we can put a play area underneath too!! this is great. how does he like it??

Brian and Kerum said...

Julia, he LOVES it! It was completely worth it and since I know it will be used for years to come (unless the boys destroy it somehow) the price was worth it too.