Sunday, June 6, 2010

Backyard Pool

As much as I would LOVE to have an inground pool in our backyard, it's just not in the budget! However, a smaller, plastic baby pool is!
We were able to fill the pool up the other day and the kids really enjoyed it! Austin was dying to go in, but I wouldn't let him until his brother woke up from a nap. I'm such a mean Mommy!
As soon as they got in, Austin started being a big brother and was trying to pour water over his little brother's head!
After being told not to, he decided he would just pour it over his brothers chest instead. A much better idea and Colten enjoyed it.
Just a cute picture that looks like they have some inside joke going on.
Mommy pulled the slide over and put that in the pool so they could have a water slide. We opted to buy the pool without a slide so there would be more room to play in, but since we already have a small slide, we have this option as well! :-) Colten's turn came up and this is what it looked like (complete with Big Brother giving him a little "encouraging" push).
pool collage smaller
Of course, Austin is a little big for this slide, but that didn't stop him!
So thankful for a cool pool on a hot day!
Daddy had a contribution to the fun as well...can you tell what it was?
And can you guess how this contribution was used???
Overall, a very good purchase. One that will provide a lot of fun this summer!

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