Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Shooting Lesson and Dip in the Pool

We went to Greensboro to visit Brian's Uncle Mike and Aunt Kay. It's only an hour and 40 minutes or so from us and it was great to be able to go and visit them! We left a little later than we wanted, but once we got there, we got to see their gorgeous house and eat a delicious lunch!
After lunch, Uncle Mike gave Austin a shooting lesson. Austin was really excited about this, but didn't think I would let him shoot it. I told him it was ok since there were adults there with him and that he needed to listen very carefully.

Uncle Mike was very patient with him.
Daddy was also there with him every step of the way. Austin's left handed in some things, so we weren't sure which way he would shoot. We'll see if things change over time as far as that goes. He got to keep one of the shells since it was his first time and he was really excited about that!
After Colten had an afternoon nap, Kay took the kids and I to their community pool while the big guys went to a shooting range.
At first, Colten was a little apprehensive about getting out into the deep water. He held onto me pretty tight as I walked around the pool. I think it was just so big to him that he wasn't sure what was going on! He quickly realized Mommy wasn't going to let him drown, so he started splashing and having fun. He let Kay take him so I could go to the restroom and then I took some pictures.

Austin went right in. He loved having the water ring to swim around the pool with (the deepest part was 5 ft). He would jump into the pool from the side and had a blast. I really need to look into some swimming lessons for him this summer...although, he says he want them...that he'll just sink. :-)
By the end of the pool time, we had Colten jumping off the side of the pool into my arms. Some of the time I would keep his head above the water and sometimes I'd let him go under a bit. He loved it no matter what and would just wipe his face off after he went under. I think we have a little fishy in this one!
We headed back to the house for a quick dinner (with a yummy dessert first) and then had to get on the road to go back home. Our doggies were shut up in our bathroom all day and we needed to get back home. It was a wonderful day and we can't wait to get back up there to spend more time with Uncle Mike and Aunt Kay!

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