Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Obstacles

With a new house comes new obstacles! Colten has figured out that he can climb up the barstools. Oh, but he doesn't stop there!!!

This is just one picture, but he does this ALL the time. Nothing is safe anymore. There are two more stools at the counter that are close to the water facet and he loves to climb up there and turn the water on and off. If he sees Austin's drink on the table, he'll climb up onto the stools at the table (even if they are pushed all the way in) and steal it.
Of course, climbing the chairs isn't the only thing. He loves the stairs. We had to put up gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to keep him safe (this was already planned, but we actually brought a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs so we didn't have to wait for the movers to bring it). When we first got here, we put up the gate and found him on the stairs anyway! We figured out that we had to turn it backwards with the clasp towards the stairs so he couldn't use it to climb.
He also loves his brother's new bunkbed. We have to put the ladder up on the bed when they are in the room playing so he doesn't scamper up the ladder and be on top of the bed. He has no fear, so I know he would take that tumble soon!
Colten is also saying a few words. He said "outside" the other day. He has been saying "uh oh" for a while now and he says "hiya" every now and then. In just the last few days, he has been calling something "baa baa." I think he's calling his pacifier that, but he won't call it "baa baa" when I show it to him. He just acts really excited when I show it to him after he's been asking for "baa baa." While he does say yes or no yet, he definitely shakes his head the correct way. His "yes" is a very dramatic head nod with a definite GRUNT. He knows what he wants, when he wants it. :-)
I have been reminded lately of how hard it is to take this age of kid out in public. He has so much energy, doesn't listen very well and is VERY loud. If we are in a place where we don't use the stroller, I regret it immediately. I am exhausted by the time we get back to the car and feel as if I have been in a wrestling match! Back when Austin was this age, I thought it couldn't get worse...well, Colten has shown me that it can and DID get worse! I love him though and he makes me laugh just as much as he makes me want to yell! LOL
Lots of new obstacles...and many more to come!
Update: Later today, he has also said the words baby, cookie and duckie. I'm interested to see if he still knows them tomorrow or if he'll continue with learning new words in the upcoming days!

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