Friday, June 18, 2010

Playground Fun

After unpacking, organizing and taking care of appointments at the house, the kids and I were MORE than ready to get out of the house for some fun. I figured since we didn't know much about the area playgrounds, we would try and find some at Linden Oaks, a military housing community not far from our house.
We found this playground surrounded by trees, so it was nice and shady. It was a little run down, but the kids seemed to like it. I think the biggest problem is that was next to the community pool...a pool we can't use unless we know someone who lives there (even though I think that as long as you are military you should be able to use it, but let's not go there).
Anyway, there was a climbing wall to get up onto the decking at one part of the playground and the boys had a blast climbing it (or climbing down in Colten's case).

I'm not sure what he was cracking up at, but he thought something was pretty funny.

Colten did pretty well climbing down. Yes, I am the type of mom who lets her toddler play on equipment that isn't "rated" for his age. He has fun, I watch to make sure he doesn't get hurt and everyone is happy. :-)

Austin got a little bored with this playground, so I doubt we'll go there very often. There are a few others that I have seen that will probably be better suited for him. We just wanted to explore a little and see if we could find some hidden ones.
After playing, we went to lunch at McDonalds and then headed home for naptime/chore time. This week, Austin started having "chore time" with me during Colten's nap. He's always done things around the house when we asked and LOVES to do some chores. However, I wanted to start keeping track of this and making it a part of our schedule. He's going to be getting a weekly allowance (that we haven't really decided on!) and he's excited to be getting his own money to spend however he wants. He already has something in mind for his first week's allowance!

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