Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5 Months

5 Months is so much fun...big enough to babble, play a bit with toys, smile and laugh, but not quite big enough to get into things. It's perfect!
In just a couple of weeks, Aiden will be the same age that Colten was when he started pulling up and then cruising. I am thinking that Aiden won't be quite that mobile yet...and I am happy about that! I like the fact that when I lay him on a blanket, he's still pretty much on it, or at least only half-way off of it.
As far as size goes, Aiden isn't off the charts or anything. He's in 6-9 month clothes right now because the 3-6 month clothes was getting small, especially his pajamas. When he IS in a disposable, it's a size 2. His cloth diapers are going to need to be re-sized soon as well.
Here's the monthly comparison picture:
Aiden still doesn't enjoy tummy time as much as Colten and Austin did at this age. He gets pretty frustrated after just a little bit on his tummy. Of course, you can't tell by this picture!
Propping him up on the Boppy Pillow helps a bit, but he still starts grunting, then fussing, then screaming soon after he is put on it.
Aiden's favorite place to be is in his Mommy's arms, followed by the fun exersaucer that he has. He has also just started sitting in the doorway jumper while I am upstairs. Oh, and the car is becoming less of a problem with Aiden. He still cries some, especially at night when he can't see anything, but it is becoming less everyday. HUGE sigh of relief!
Aiden is doing much of the same things as he was last month. He is babbling quite a bit and loves his older brothers. He laughs at them and watches them as much as he can.
Aiden is such a smiley, laid back baby. He still isn't sleeping any better since being moved into his own room. It got so bad after Brian left, that I pulled him back into our room in the pack n play until he starts sleeping better. I wasn't enjoying walking back and forth between the bedrooms every hour and a half to two hours. Seriously, it was that bad. I hadn't even been up that often when he was brand new! It's moved back to about every 2-3 hours now, sometimes 4. I'm hoping that when he starts solid foods, it will get even better than that!

Speaking of solid foods, I had tried to give this little boy some cereal and he just was not getting it. He still has some major tongue thrust and was starting to get really angry when I tried feeding him. So, I am waiting another week or two before trying again. He just wasn't ready.
Aiden is going to be left with someone other than family for the first time on Valentine's Day. A friend and I are going to get pedicures and Colten and Aiden are both going to the Child Development Center on post for hourly care. I'm nervous. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. It has more to do with worrying about him taking a bottle than anything else. You just never know when he's going to refuse a bottle and then give them a hard time.
Aiden is so fun and makes us all smile. He's growing up and really enjoying the world around him.


Anonymous said...

Well, YaYa sure does love seeing these pics of her youngest grandchild. He's a keeper for sure. Can't believe he is already 5 months. He'll be crawling before you know it!

jackie said...

omg! He is sooo gorgeous! I love how well ur camera takes pics. We need to get lily aiden and emma together sometime to meet. When do you think you will b around st clair again??

Brian and Kerum said...

We'll be heading back to Missouri for a visit sometime this summer. Probably June, but it's not concerete until I know when Brian is coming back for R&R.

The babies will be so grown up at that point!!! It will be fun to see them together. :-)