Friday, February 4, 2011

Monkey Joes With Daddy

I'm still trying to catch up on my photos from before Brian deployed. Ok, ok, I am actually still behind on the photos from Christmas, but I will eventually get them up. It's so late though, that I might actually just back-date them and if you want to see the pictures, you'll have to just find them. :-)
Anyway, the day before Brian left, we kept Austin out of school so we could have a family day. We took the kids to Monkey Joes and ate out afterwards at Chili's. It was a good day...and I know the kids loved showing Daddy all the cool things at Monkey Joes.
Colten has no fear. Seriously, no fear. This was his second time at MJ's and both times he didn't hesitate for a second! He just runs around that place like he's so big and goes down all of the slides by himself (unless Big Brother wants to go down with him). He's not afraid of any of the slides at all. He only needs help to get onto a few of the he's a tad short and it's hard to pull yourself up in them when they are moving from other kids jumping on them.
Daddy went down a slide or two at the beginning with Colten. Adults aren't really allowed to jump in them, but they can assist the kids in there.
Austin was an AWESOME big brother this day. He helped Colten get up the ladders, slid down the slides with him at times, and just overall kept an eye on his little brother in case he needed any help. I don't think they argued or fought at all at MJ's.
Austin waiting for Colten...
Aiden hung out with me some of the time, but hung out with Daddy too. I love this picture.
The boys miss their Daddy. I see the evidence of that everyday. Even little Aiden can sense that he's missing. They're doing alright, though. Kids are so resilient and they know that their Daddy loves and misses them. Brian is so good at making sure they know that he loves them. He snuggles and kisses them and tells them all the time he loves them.

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