Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Boy

Colten has had some big changes go on here lately. First, we switched rooms around about a month ago. Now, he's the big brother in the room since he's sharing with Aiden (although, at the moment, Aiden decided he didn't want to sleep so much at night, so he's back in my room in the pack n play until he sleeps better).
Right before Daddy left, he started wanting to sit on the potty more and more. A couple of days before D-Day, he actually peed a couple of times in the potty. A few days later, he came up to me and motioned that he wanted to use the potty. I went and got it and he sat down and went to the bathroom. Since then, he's been using the potty while we are home and when he's been diaperless. It hasn't clicked yet that he isn't supposed to go in his diaper and even when we put underwear on him, he goes in those as well. I think of it as learning accidents though and just clean it up. He is usually in the process of getting to the potty, but just hasn't figured out the best timing when he has something on. So, he spends a lot of time diaperless...which is a boy's dream, right? :-) The other day, he did his "duty" on the potty as well. This whole potty business is all his doing and nothing that I have done at all. He is truly one of those kids that just decided that he wants to do it and does it. The one downside...he HATES it when I put diapers on him now. I am in the process of deciding what cloth trainers I want to buy and use for when we are out. Hopefully, he'll figure out that he can't "go" in his underwear soon! This whole 2 year old on the potty thing is completely different than a 3 1/2 year old! :-) Different, but good!

After Brian left, Colten also got a big boy bed! I had been looking online for a decently priced one for a while and finally found one. In fact, it wasnt' only decently-priced, but it was a race car bed as well!
Going to bed the first night...
Here he is sleeping in it the first night. It worked out really well. I do have a door knob cover on his door so he can't just come out whenever he wants before he goes to sleep. That helps on some nights when he really just doesn't want to go to bed or take a nap during the day.
It's kind of funny because he is a child that needs about 30 minutes to wind down. In his crib, he would talk to himself, cry, make noises, screech, etc until he was ready to sleep. It wouldn't matter what time I put him down, he would need this "wind down time." Now that he's in a toddler bed, he gets up and pulls all kinds of toys in his bed with him and plays with them for about 30 minutes and then falls asleep.
Every night before I go to bed, I go in there and pull all the toys out of his bed. It's always a surprise as to what toys he has pulled in there. Half of them are the "regulars" like Buzz Lightyear (we have two), the Woody and Buzz shake and go cars, and an electronic kids book. Sometimes, I feel like I'm pulling things out of a bottomless bag. I'm not quite sure how he falls asleep with all that junk in there, but he does!
Our boy just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is such a funny little guy and is SO smart! Soon, he'll be going to Speech Therapy twice a week and once he starts talking, he is just never going to stop!

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jilljohnandhope said...

Way to go, Colten! Your new bed is awesome! Don't show Noah, he will be sooo jealous!